To start with, I never let myself into being overweight at any point of time in my life. However, my body metabolism was such that I would easily gain 2–3 pounds a week if I indulge myself in all my favorite food with no exercise. So whenever I gained those pounds, I would restrict my diet, get into working out, or regular walks to reduce weight. But this was never consistent.

I came across quantified nutrition from fittr a long time back, but never tried it as I did not like the idea of measuring everything that I eat during…

Many of us think that being an entrepreneur is rather fancy or a glamorous thing to achieve in the business world. Only those who have swum in the waters of being an entrepreneur actually understand the real challenges of being an entrepreneur. I wanted to share with my readers today some of the tips that will help you in the startup world.

  1. Skill: Skill is the heart of your business. Many of us might think that finance or money is the core part of the business. But remember that skill set is your finance and that should be your investment…

During my childhood days, there were no smart phones or tablets or gadgets around us. We spent most of the times playing outdoor with friends or with books. Television was ofcourse a source of entertainment, but with a single channel and cartoons were telecasted only on Sundays. It was worth the wait every week sitting eagerly in front of the television at the same time and enjoy those precious minutes watching our favorite tv show. The source of entertainment was limited, but still the happiness involved in it was priceless

Today we have smart phones, tablets and smart TVs. The…

This is my first post on Medium and I would like to introduce myself to my fellow readers. My name is Seema and I am a self-driven professional with a quest to learn new technologies.

I read a lot and always preferred reading from print rather than reading from the screen. However, with Medium, my choice changed. I got addicted to the simplicity of the design in Medium articles and now I start my day by reading at least one blog from Medium.

I recently moved to the UK after obtaining a UK Tier1 Exceptional Talent Visa. In this blog…

Seema K Nair

An experienced entrepreneur, iOS App developer, TOGAF Certified, Certified AWS Solution Architect, CEO of CalibreCode Solutions, Co-Founder and CTO at Stream-Ad

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